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Hi,  I'm having trouble in my barn with a 6 month old female twin doeling trying  to mount the other goats,  vocalizing vociferously and so dedicated that she doesn't stop pestering to eat.  She is polled    from a polled mom and horned dad, so i hope this isn't a case of hermafrodism. Any ideas and suggestions would help.  She has changed a peaceful barn to a bunch (4) of butting each other goats for the last 3 weeks 

Thanks very much, 

Barb Rondine

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A precocious doe is one that starts milking without being bred. This is just a doe that's acting bucky. Some does do tend to act more bucky than others. I have an 8-year-old that worried me when she was younger because she acted like that, but she's kidded lots of times, so obviously she's a female. She also quit acting bucky before she was even a year old. This is also how does act when they are in heat. If she's been acting like this for three weeks solid, then her hormones might be messed up. Do her genitals look normal?

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