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I'm looking at buying a milking machine for our small farm and I came across the Perry milking machine with the ND attachments.  Has anyone heard of this company?

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Hello everyone, I just ordered the segel milker will keep you posted on it. Looking forward to using something either than my hands lol

Deb- Dancing dragon farm

I would like to know how the goats handle the segel milker for the first time.  Thanks.

They did great with the milker actually preferred it to hand milking, My hard to milker stood there and acted as if this is the way its supposed to be done all the time

Good to know.  Thanks.   I haven't had a chance to order anything yet.  We have been so busy here between the gardens and trying to find hay that I don't know if I'm coming or going. 

Thank you for your report, Deborah.  I did go ahead and get the milker but only the pump and one set of teat cups. He told me that I might have trouble getting a vacuum but I really had no need of a 2-1/2 gallon bucket!  I've had it for about a month and could not get it to work properly but really didn't want to get that huge (for me) bucket.  I asked my helper to look at it and after a lot of checking it out various ways, he discovered both of the stop valves had been put on in reverse!  It could not have worked under any circumstances.  Now I am milking into a fruit jar as I wanted to do.  My issue was that I want to measure the milk from each doe which would mean I would emptying the bucket between; this way I am only switching the lid to another jar. (And I saw no sense in paying for a huge bucket, even as nice as it is, that I didn't want or ever have a need for with only two milking does.)  I am still only milking one teat at a time but could milk both if I wanted to prepare for the second tubing; with only one good arm this is best.

I am delighted with it, so much easier than squeezing the pump on either the Maggidan or Henry (both which I liked).  I still do not have have full use of my left arm so "regular" milking is out of the question if I want any milk for me!  Capri is quite good at the foot in bucket thing or milk tipped over thing.  Though I've only used it twice for them, I am certain they like this better as well.  It seems there is a bit more to strip out at the end but I can deal with that, especially since I would be doing that if I were only hand milking.

The Segal gets my vote of approval.  And it is soooooo much easier to clean up after!  The only extra thing over hand milking is cleaning the one tube.

Glenna Rose, is the Segel milker company still in business?  I have one and wanted to get parts.

Wow!  I looked for them and cannot find their website, only get an error message.  What parts did you need?  I ask because some parts could be gotten from elsewhere.


Glenna Rose, is the Segel milker company still in business?  I have one and wanted to get parts.

So they have just disappeared. Too bad as they had an excellent product. We will improvise. Thanks for your response.

oh dear, i had ordered parts for milker last year with no problems . didn't even think about them closing website, I will have to call them and see if they are still in business.

Deborah, we were writing on the Segel milker even though the title says perry milker. You have a phone number for Segel?

yep let me copy invoice from last year. Phone: 559-841-8141
hope this helps it has his email too. 
Phone: 559-841-8141

I contacted the people who recommended the Segel.  This is his response:

No, I found, not the guy, but the family, online through their listing on
Amazon or Ebay originally.
I also get the 404 error msg for the url of their old website.
You might try:

That site looks like it has about everything we might need.  I did email Dan Zurcher but have not received a response.

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