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I'm looking at buying a milking machine for our small farm and I came across the Perry milking machine with the ND attachments.  Has anyone heard of this company?

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I haven't used it but just looked at their website and would want more info. Cleaning the buckets might be a challenge. I'm not sure how you get into the smaller bucket, and the larger bucket might be too big to fit into any sink that you have. I have a machine from Hoegger, and I would not have realized this before I bought it, but I love having clear inflations. I like being able to see that I am getting the teat straight into the inflation. If you get it in there crooked and don't realize it soon enough (no milk flowing through the tubes) you could bruise the teat.

If you call and ask about cleaning, they should be able to explain it to you over the phone.

Thanks for the input.  I have never used a milking machine and any advice is appreciated.  I seem to have a problem with my thumbs locking when I milk and its beginning to hurt.  I guess years as a drafter holding a mouse have caused it.  Should I be concerned about the pump suction?

Henry Milker seems to be one that people like. I've never used it but I got to watch a demo of the machine at the Mother Earth Faire in Puyallup the beginning of June. It looked easy to use and worked well.

Thanks for the info, I watched a youtube video of the Henry milker.   I would like to find someone near us who uses it to see how they like it.

Several of the members on here have used The Henry Milker, and really like it.

My friend uses the Henry and loves it.  I borrowed it and like it also.  I have the Maggidan Milker but will be buying the Henry with the double option in the near future.

I think I'm going to get the double option Henry milker for now.  I plan on keeping the five doelings from this year with the three I will be milking next year (this year, I'm retiring the original two that I got).  In a couple years, if all goes as planned, I will be milking eight.   I hope to have a machine by then.  

I looked at the Maggidan milker too and it reminded me of the squirt guns we used to have as kids. :-)

This is the machine friends of mine who have full-size goats use and swear by it:

It looks like a great system.  I like that the pump fastens to the stand (pros and cons).  He developed this himself.

looks like great exercise for the arm. ^^ I am having a challenging time milking these little teats.

Glenna Rose said:

This is the machine friends of mine who have full-size goats use and swear by it:

It looks like a great system.  I like that the pump fastens to the stand (pros and cons).  He developed this himself.

Glenna, you mean you actually know the developer of the segel? I saw this one a long time ago and loved it. I was convinced that I wanted it. There is only one thing I don't like about it and unfortunately it is the same thing that all of the smaller less expensive machines have in common. The syringes. I know that they are not very good for the teats and I want to find away around them. I really want to use regular inflations. In fact I have bought my own inflations already in hopes of figuring out how to adapt some other way of using a less expensive milker using them!
Glenna Rose said:

This is the machine friends of mine who have full-size goats use and swear by it:

It looks like a great system.  I like that the pump fastens to the stand (pros and cons).  He developed this himself.

That was badly worded at the end.  I understand my friends know the developer, not that I do.  They love the machine and that they can milk two at once.  You might contact them (on the site) and ask about inflations.

I talked to my friend today hoping that it could be used with only one hand.  Dr. told me yesterday that absolutely no miking until at least two weeks after P.T. is started, maybe as long a three months.  Right now, friends and two older sons are helping for that few minutes each day I need the second hand but three months is a lot to ask!  That could mean drying up my girls after all we went through to get here and all because my DIL is being a ----- and not letting my granddaughters help me.  She actually had the nerve to send over sugar and vanilla with my son on Sat. "for ice cream!"  'Nuff said on that.

Yesterday, after seeing the dr., I called the very dear person from whom I was buying milk and asked if she would consider taking my two girls until I can milk again if it turns out to be longer than just another 2-3 weeks.  You know how much more work two additional milkers can be - she said yes!  She said she would help in any way she can.  You can begin to imagine how much that means to me; she has a family, farm, garden, milkers, etc., to care for and is willing to do this!  She is truly an angel sent straight from God!  I will be delighted to be able to tell her that I won't need the help because PT person said I can milk after a week of therapy; that is my hope of what to happen.  Right now, she is my angel and will remain so!

I am going to order the Henry Milker either today or tomorrow.  I had been hoping the folks at the fair would call (I lost their card) and I would order from them; they are just 60 miles from me and could save shipping time.  With it, at least both sides can be done at once saving 1/3 of the time from helpers.

Did I say I truly dislike typing with one finger?!!

I think that does sound like a good idea Glenna! I think that I will see if I can get ahold of the company and see if they can help me out with info on the conversion of the system!

Yea! So sorry it is hard to type! I know! We are so blessed though. I try to look at it that way.

When I hurt this right hand, I said Thank God it wasn't broke (even though I still doubt the doc some days). I know you do have a break, but hay it could still always be way worse! I know, I have already had that kind and have to live with it every day!

And the other night I was checking my cats favorite hiding place to have her kittens, which is in the storage under a fifth wheel camper, rose up to soon and wacked my shoulder on the fifth wheel (very hard-Very Painful) and hollered Thank God it wasn't my head, over and over!

This morning my 6 youngest ducklings (who were just box fillers to make up a minimum order) vanished. I have been so upset. I searched the whole neighborhood talking to folks and all. I was certain they had gotten out of the fence somehow and been stolen. But I kept saying, at least it wasn't the dozen rare Welsh Harlequins or the pair of even more rare Pilgrim Geese which they were shipped with and hung out with. Even though I really did not want them to be gone either.

Hubby kept trying to reassure me before he went to work, that they would turn up and I really thought they were gone because I had looked so hard. Everything short of under the roads in the culverts! I told him I was still having faith! Lo and behold after hours and hours, I see the Dirty Dozen (WHs) coming across the old drive next door on my other property and wondered...went out in that backyard...looked all around...over the back fence...across what we refer to as the swamp and see the shape of a white ducky (3 are white). I totally freaked. Ran through the yards screaming for my Clyde (16yr.) and bless his heart, he braved all the weeds water etc. and went across to herd them home. Yea! Sent Hubby a text to tell him and said that I know they have had one very adventuress outing today. And all at the expense of MY nerves! I think only one is going to be a girl, at least only one is quacking so far! So I guess we should name the other 5, Dad's Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Easter! Since those would make good duck eating occasions! We'll see. That is gonna take some getting use to!


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