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My first freshener who was due a week ago at this point still doesn’t look close. She is soft in the udder area but doesn’t have a bag yet and has slightly larger teats. I was able to squeeze milk out and her ligaments seem a bit softer than usual but are far from gone. Her vulva is still tight like normal. I know my date is absolutely correct because we did driveway breeding so she was only with the buck once. We saw him breed her three times while we were there and she didn’t come back into heat. She is also significantly wider than usual and has a bigger bulge on the right side. Everything I know points to pregnancy yet she still hasn’t had babies yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve never heard of a FF not bagging up early. Is she not pregnant? Just taking her sweet time? We are at 153 days right now.

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Let us know how things go!

Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate it

My poor goats are scarfing their new minerals like its grain or something amazing. I have never seen butter touch them before and she’s hogging them. I feel terrible that they were desperate for minerals and I had no idea they didn’t have what they needed. I just figured they were being picky. 

One of my biggest frustration is the number of terrible products on the market for goats. You're not the first person to have this happen. Hopefully you'll see some big improvements! 

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