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Not sure where to post this: if you could make a goat app...

Okay, goat peeps; time to have your voices herd (ha!). I am putting together, in theory at least, a comprehensive goat management app. If there is already one out there, please let me know, as I have been unable to find it. I need to outline its functions, here's what I have so far:

Individual goat record pages:

Goat name with pics, breed, sex, DOB, colour, weight & height (changes saved to a history), dam, sire.

Inoculations & medical notes, wormings, breedings, freshenings, offspring, hoof trimmings, ownership records, sales (all changes saved to a history).

For does, milking notes saved to a historical chart.

All individual goat records linked to an extended pedigree, and linked to form a milking/breeding history of the herd.

Push notifications of upcoming freshening due dates.

That's off the top of my head. What would YOU add?

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Well I like what you have so far!!

I would like the option to input as little or as much as I'd like. For example: I might not use the milking records part. If you created an app with just what you've mentioned so far, I would use it. I think you should consider making them for other animals too!! :)

I love this!  I know there is something out there called AfiShepherd herd management software.  I haven't ever checked it out, so I don't know what it's like.  I've read about people with really big commercial herds using it.

I love your idea, though!  What a great way to keep things well organized and in place.

I'd like a place to record expenses; hay purchases and amount purchased, grain purchases, etc.

Best wishes!

YES. Expenses would be nice!

Love this idea Nina! All of it,  and ditto on expenses. Like the idea of apps for other animals too :)

Expense tracker, check!

I love it and all of the suggestions!

My first thought is on the first section..Name etc...I would include tattoos/microchip/tag numbers, and/or other identifying markers!

Expense tracker could also possibly be extended to include sales profits on stock and by-products!

I am sure there are lots things available for large animal operations, but if you are going to gear it toward a "Homestead Livestock Management App" market I think making it adaptable for different  breeds of livestock would make it perfect for everyone and instead of just milk records it could also include egg, fiber, meat and offspring records!

This would be suitable for every homestead and invaluable as not only a management tool but great when doing taxes etc.

Love it love it love it! I don't even know anything about apps, but my kids do and I think I now know what my first app will be! I can't wait! Get busy girl! I am ready to help promote this! Ready to post it on FB! Gitter Dun!

Speaking of taxes, something I don't think I have ever seen mentioned on here, you all do realize that you don't have to be a big/or commercial farm in order to file your taxes as a farm, don't you! When you file as a farm even your LGDs dog food etc. are tax deductible! Because they are there to protect your livestock! If you don't know about theses things you should discuss it with whomever does your taxes!

These are all fantastic ideas. Our strategy is to begin with a module for dairy goats, open it up to meat and fiber, then possibly expand to other livestock.

Keep the great ideas coming!

What about optional push notifications for all kinds of scheduled things - worming, vaccinations, trimming, ovulation, etc.?


Randi Leister said:

What about optional push notifications for all kinds of scheduled things - worming, vaccinations, trimming, ovulation, etc.?

Okay! We are going ahead with this. We have already found goat people to beta test the app (which isn't made yet; that will take time) from a large-scale dairy operation, and a mid-scale dairy operation. I am looking for a beta tester from the world of breeding, showing and pedigrees, and another from the world of the small homesteader. If you are interested in participating, please drop me a PM with an overview of your operation and an outside email address.

This is getting exciting! Thanks.

Sounds awesome! :)  I'd be interested.  I friend requested you so I can send a message about us.  This is quite exciting.  I'd love to see if something like this works for someone who's sort of ADD.  I have notes here, there, and everywhere.  I'd never be able to find them though.  My only chance of remembering when or how I've done something is if I've written it on the calendar (I try), written it in the checkbook (ie. hay purchase), or blogged about it.  It's kind of crazy, and I waste a lot of time looking for things.  Like that little slip of paper that's on my dresser somewhere with a wormer dosage written on it...My grandmother faithfully wrote down what she and my grandfather did each day on the farm for over 50 years.  I'm trying to improve, really! LOL!

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