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Here is a picture of a goat that we are being offered that is said to be a nigerian dwarf.  But a friend looked at the picture and said it looked more like a pygmy instead.

I have no clue.  We want to keep all the same breed.   What do you all think?  Or can you tell from this pict.  Is my friend just messing with me?

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Looks more like a pygmy to me, although a pic from the side would be better. It could also be a cross, if it doesn't have papers. The big thing, however, is that if your other goats don't have horns, it is not a good idea to bring in a horned goat.

I doubt this is a Nigerian. It defiantly looks like a Pygmy to me. It could be a cross like Deborah said but wouldn't be purebred. 

OK.  I am going to decline the purchase.  She wanted $150 for the Doe and $150 each for her 5 day old buckling and doeling.  I could tell they didnt look enough like the nigerians I just purchased last month.  

Thanks for the help.

Matthew, I have a suggestion that will help you a lot. It can be confusing to start with, especially with animals that are not mature since these goats originated from the same old stock. And when dealing with unregistered animals especially! What you should do is look them up on line (Actually, both breeds) and look at all of them you can. Don't forget that you may see some of both that are mislabeled as the other, but if you look at enough of them you will soon start to see which ones are really which, And study the different breed descriptions! Pygmy goats are short and stocky! Without the dairy look of the well bred NDs! They look more like little Mini meat goats!

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