Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

for people who love the littlest dairy goats

Sire: Olsen Acres ND  MomBasa 

  Doe     Black and tan Buckskin with white markings born 5/22/16

  Buck   Gold with white markings born 5/22/16

  Buck    Buckskin Black and Tan born 5/25/16

  Buck     Buckskin Dark Brown and Tan born 5/25/16

  Doe       BlackAnd tan Buckskin with white markings born 5/25/16

  Yearling Doe Black Buckskin with Dark Orange markings

  Yearling Wether   Black& Brown Buckskin with  big White patches

     Does $300, bucks $200, Wethers $100. 

Please Email me if you would like photos 

Kids will be available after they are 8 weeks old.

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What part of the state are you in?

I am in Columbus, Indiana .  45 Min. south of Indianapolis. 

I'm on the west side of Indy! We're probably not in the market, but would love to come see your kids if you're open to a field trip. PM me if you'd like to get in touch. :)

I should say there's maybe a 5-10% chance we'd be interested in buying a doe.

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