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Hello! We are just getting started in goats. We have 3 boys who love goat milk and we want to purchase 2 goats to have as our family milk goats. I am a member of several Facebook groups and I found some goats I am interested in purchasing though one of the groups. I read about testing for CAE and Johne's disease, but when I asked the goat owners about these tests he said he had no idea how to get them tested. Are these tests really important to have before buying? He has a small family farm and said he purchased the goats from a local dairy and then decided he doesn't want Nigerians so that is why he is selling. 

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Biosecurity testing, in my opinion, should be extremely important to anyone bringing goats onto their property. The last thing you want, is to start out with a disease on your property. A vet can draw the blood and have it sent for testing, and some labs offer a discount package to test for CL as well. I’m going to post some articles for you as well :)

Thanks so much for the information! I will pass on these goats and try to find a herd that has been tested. 

Tammy Gallagher said:

Your welcome :)

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