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Hi y'all! New mama here. Well, somewhat! I adopted two ND's about 6 weeks ago, one a bottle fed and another straight off the mom. Both are boys (soon to be wethers....BTW I'm just learning all these new terms...LOL. They will be 13 wks. this coming weekend.  I have been following a FB page about ND's and just researching different sites. Holy Cow(or goat) is there a million different opinions and approaches to raising these guys!! So I probably will be looking and asking lots of questions in the near future. 

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Hi Crystal, and welcome. :)  You found a great place to read up and learn.  Cute little guys!!

Welcome and good luck!

Welcome! They say that if you ask ten different goat owners a question, you'll get ten different answers. Glad you haven't been overwhelmed by that!

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