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Does anyone have a source of Selenium/Vit E powder to order from?  I am all out, and Hoeggers Farm Yard are not answering their phones so I am hesitant to place an order online.  I don't see anyone else carrying it for goats online.  All I see in Selenium/Vit E powder for horses, is this the same stuff?  Or is there something different in the equine formulation?  Any info is helpful, thanks!


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There is a post on here about this topic from last fall. Several of us tried some of the horse seleniums, and the goats ate it up like candy, which would quickly get very expensive! Someone else discovered a selenium-E being sold by Fertrell, which they tried and liked, so a couple more of us have tried it and also like it. It really reminds me of the stuff that used to be sold by Caprine Supply, and the goats go through it at a reasonable rate. You can find local Fertrell dealers through their website.

I'm sad to say that I would not recommend Hoegger any longer. There is also a discussion about them in the archives from a few months ago. They have a LOT of bad BBB reviews. From what we could gather, they were sold awhile back, and the new owners ran the company into the ground. Very sad ending for a wonderful company that many of us loved for years.


Thanks for the links.  Is it possible that Fertrell no longer sells their Selenium/Vit E powder?  I can't see it on their website.  I see a mineral blend that they call Grazers choice but it has kelp, calcium, phospahte, salt, diatomaceous earth...also in it.  My last batch was the Caprine Supply  powder, so it would be great to have something similar.  I did a Google search on Fertrell and selenium, all it returned was this Grazers choice blend.

We just got some in December. I didn't even look for it on their website. I just looked for a dealer, emailed him, and told him I wanted the selenium-E supplement, and he ordered it for me.

Ok, well then I'll give that a try on Monday.  Apparently my local farmers exchange is a dealer, although I've never seen any of their products there.  But maybe I'll be in luck and they can order me some.

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