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need help on dehorning paste on thick scur if possible?

I'm not using dehorning paste on a young goat, but what I would like to do is put it on the top of a nigerian duck's thick scur.

I've been trying to find information on using dehorning paste without success. I have some dehorning paste I wanted to use on nigerian dwarf buck who has thick scurs. I don't know how this stuff works so I"m reaching out to find reliable information. I don't know how dehorning paste goes through a thick scur. What I want to do is put some on the top of the scur (it's curling down to his skull dangerously so). It's not pliable at all. If I put a thin layer on top will is go down (how far?) so it would make the scur come off or in half using pliers. In other words, not to go to the skull but to make it breakable to get away from his skull?I have wire but can't do it byvmyself which is the issue.

I hope I get can some advice. PS they sell this stuff without good information. I can only find on young goats/cattle. I usually disbud with an iron except this buck I didn't do.

Thank you.

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Dehorning paste would do nothing to a scur. Even though it is not a full horn, it is horn material, and dehorning paste wouldn't eliminate it. It actually does not even work to disbud goats. I tried it on two kids about 16 years ago. They screamed for half an hour while we held them, and then we wiped the paste off, and it had not even eaten through the skin yet. 

When I've had a buck whose scurs are pointing towards his skull, I use hoof trimmers to trim the scur back. If there is a blood supply, the horn will be warm, so you can usually cut fairly far back without any bleeding. 

Unfortunately I can't do it by myself and hold him at the same time. I don't have the strength, ergo the paste...thought it would burn through a bit so it could snap off as it is caustic?  This isn't a kid, full grown buck.

As I said, it did not even burn through the skin in half an hour. Plus, the reason we held them for that whole time is because if it's burning, they will want to rub their head on something. Goats have been known to wind up blind because they rubbed the paste into their eyes. Or if he were to butt heads with another goat, he could get the paste into the eyes of another goat. 

Can you restrain him somehow? Do you have a stanchion? Or maybe a short tether attached to a ring in the wall. You or someone (can you get help?) could sandwich him against the wall.

Hope you get this resolved! Good luck!

I forgot to mention that when we clip scurs, we do put the bucks on a milk stand so that restrains him. It would be challenging to do it with someone just holding them, but I like Naomi's idea of tethering him to the wall if you don't have a milk stand. 

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