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So I'm a newbie, and I'm trying to learn about the coat patterns and colors. My doeling is light gold, and I noticed a darker gold spot on her back... could it be a moonspot? I can take better pictures tomorrow if this isn't a good enough one to tell.

Thanks in advance!

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Moonspots are basically just dark spots rather than white spots, so that's probably one. They are genetic, so a goat won't have them unless one of its parents had them. But unlike blue eyes, which are super obvious, sometimes moonspots are not as obvious, especially if a goat only has a tiny one. I got moonspots into my herd from a goat that looked totally chocolate to me. Her papers said she had a moonspot, but I was new and had my doubts. There was no doubt when she started throwing kids with moonspots! 

How neat! I know her mother doesn't have any... she's a buckskin, but her father is also gold like her and I believe he may have moonspots. I guess I'll know for sure if any of her kids turn out moonspotted!

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