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Hi again,

    Though I only have wethers I've been wanting to make or have made a milking stand for reasons other than milking. My question is...I have seen plans from people milking larger goats and am wondering whether the dimensions would still be right for NG's or if the stand measurements would need to be adjusted.  Does anyone have plans they would share or give me a recommendation?

   Thanks very much.

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It's been almost 20 years since my husband built our first milking stand, but from what I remember ... He used plans off the Internet at that time. We had no clue that there would be a difference between NDs and other goats, so he followed the plans exactly. The only things that needed to be adjusted were:

  1. The feed pan holder was too high, so he had to lower it.
  2. The head gate was too big, meaning that even when it was closed, the goat could pull her head out, so he just added a 2 x 2 to the inside of the head gate area making it 2" smaller.

Even after we made these adjustments, it worked fine when we got LaManchas.

I know people who have purchased one of the metal milk stands online, and it worked for NDs also. 

Thanks, Deborah.

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