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I am looking into purchasing a ND doe and I am primarily interested in milk production capabilities and this would be the foundational doe for my herd. I want to know how much milk is considered a good amount for a ND? I know there are a lot of variables but just want to know what is considered the norm and what is exceptional and what should I expect. The doe I am looking at is currently in milk btw.


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Since this was in 2011, I'm certain you have your answer by now. <g>  The first two years, I measured in cups then bought a scale and now measure in pounds.  Since a pound equals a pint, there is no reason to not interchange for our own purposes.  I do keep barn records and record in pounds.  I like using the scale to weigh because it gives me a more accurate guide.  I have found that even the quart jars with the measurements vary in what they really hold.

Rachel Whetzel at MigMog Acres said:

I have a Q about this... I know that pounds is the "correct" way to measure milk... but do you really WEIGH it? Just curious how you even go about that.

We also have found that weighing gives the more reliable result. If the milk is a bit frothy, we have found we are measuring air! We weigh the bottle before milking, then simply subtract that weight from the bottle with milk in it. Too easy....
In addition, our scale is more precise than our eyesights so we can read the scale, but we have a harder time looking through the bottle to judge the amount of volume (and whether or not we are reading the top of the meniscus or the bottom, etc.)

We just had three of our does kid, so we will be trying this all out again soon, haha. Meanwhile we are eagerly waiting for our Simple Pulse milker to arrive. We saw so many good reports on that milker that it became our choice. How do you like yours?

Regards from Australia,


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