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Indiana 5 year Nigerian dwarf doe kidded in February 2012 . in October sold 2 boys all that remained was the girl. she nursed both sides after the boys were sold. I have not milked this year. have not scene the doeling nurse in a while. by my calculation Indiana should be dry. I have not been out taking care of the goats but the person who has been tending them for me noticed the left side of the utter engorged this afternoon the right side appeared to be empty. when I investigated, left side was clogged and had clumps the Constancy of wet toilet paper. right side was clogged but otherwise empty. Left side did NOT have milk but had what appeared to be water. left side had a little bit of milk. no penicillin available. treated both sides with TODAY. did not take full syringe wondering if I should treat tomorrow as instructions say she can be retreated in 12 hours. should I resume milking four times a day after treatment.

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So happy to hear that! I forgot to mention earlier than a goat that has had mastitis in the past is at high risk of having it again, so do keep a close eye on her in the future.

I hope you are also feeling better!

I didn't realize that Deborah. But I suppose it makes sense. I wondered when she got it the first time here if she had had it previously.  I wonder why that is? She was, and I hope still may be my best producing doe despite her less than desirable rear attachments. I am interested to see what her daughter does that I have from her last kidding. She has one other daughter I am kicking myself for selling.  Thus far she is the only one to give me any does!

Isabel was a bit of trouble health wise , and yet she was beautiful and had a perfect disposition. I have a beautiful wonderful wether who took after her in temperament,but I assume it was his sire that gave him the hardiness  and sheer mass, color pattern, that annoying yet endearing bit of smartallic (SP?) he would have made a great buck with his confirmation is exactly what I tend to look for ( though I am no expert).  He is the patterned one on the front right. I hoped for a doe the last time, but she only had a single buck and he wasn't anything to write home about , sadly. Someone else loved him Thankfully, and no one was eaten this year.

Brandi gave some striking and very nice looking bucklings from her last pairing, She herself is stunningly beautiful to me, but she knows it, and she just never really came round. She milks well, has a good udder and big orifices, but I wish she loved me back. You know? Oh well, can't win all. At least she loves me once a year when she's in labor. I suppose that will do. Maybe. If I can have a doe or two. I might let it slide. :)

Despite not being able to sleep tonight ( perhaps the medication change or the fact that I have slept through a good portion of the last two days and nights), I seem to be doing better. I still can't dress myself without help (surgery). I still am most comfortable laying down on my right side, but I am able to sit up, and stand and walk with less pain or discomfort for longer periods. I ALMOST made my own sandwich this morning, but I ended up getting dizzy after I got all the contents ready, so someone else made it for me.  I delayed taking my evening medicine so that I could drive, because I had to  ( 3 people 1 car). I might be able to go back to work least for a short time. I will ask Tuesday, I would really like to have some Christmas money for gifts.

non-herbal or not - I vote for the most effective, sometimes you need to rectify a problem fast.
Adrienne said:

i like the people on this group but the facebook format of my other goat group and other groups... but didn't want to catch flak for non-herbal remedies. were this group on fb i might be more inclined to visit more regularly again.

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