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Long-dry doe (non-PG) suddenly has an udder....should I be concerned?

One of my does, dry since August of 2016, has now developed something of an udder. She has had only one set of kids, born in 2015. I sent this pic to my vet (who is normally pretty knowledgeable about goats) and he said that sometimes does who have kidded can become lopsided, but that otherwise nothing unusual is going on. The thing is, is that she didn't have an udder before this...she looked like a long-dry doe with a very small, even udder. 

Should I be concerned? Has this happened to anyone else's does? 

P.S. There is no possibility of her being PG. I don't have a buck (we driveway breed with another outfit) or even a whether and she's not been exposed.

Thanks in advance.  

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Yes, this can happen. Typical advice is to leave it alone. There is a plug in the teat that keeps out bacteria, but if you milked her, that plug would be removed, so could then open it up to possible infection.

Thank you for your response. I will wait and see how it goes. She has been dry for a year, so I'm thinking the plug should still have been there, but bacteria can get just about anywhere! I'll give her some immune-boosting herbs as well. 

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