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I have 3 or 4 kids I purchased that have the round bellies like a watermelon. Fecals are clean. I don't want them to be smaller than normal. What can I do to correct this?

The buckling is 6 months old and the doelings are 4-6 months. Im in Texas so its HOT here and afraid of giving too much grain to the buckling. Ive been feeding my mix, Alfalfa pellets, rolled oats, blackeye peas and BOSS. Ive started giving the buckling a bagged feed that contains ammonium chloride. 

They have sudan hay available also.


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The black buck looks good from the side, and 31 pounds is not bad for six months. 

A doe should NOT be bred until she is 40 pounds, so it is highly unlikely that your doe is going to be big enough to breed until she is 18 months old. If you breed her when she is too small, you could be looking at a c-section or a dead doe. I hope the buck is being kept separate so she doesn't get pregnant the first time she comes into heat. 

I'm inclined to believe the fecals because their current body conditions look good. You can't make up for lost time if they had coccidiosis when they were smaller. The bellies are not actually that big. 

The diets need more calcium and protein as mentioned earlier. 

Ammonium chloride prevents the formation of stones, but also be sure that they have plenty of water all the time. If you are worried about stones, you don't have to feed grain to the buck. He doesn't really need it because he's already 30 pounds. Giving him a handful as a treat sometimes isn't a big deal. 

Yes, I have a separate pen for the doelings. I'll get their feed corrected and hopefully she will grow to her potential. Thank you for all your help and the podcast.

You're welcome! 

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