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I have another question for you goat owners.
I know that NDGs have the highest butterfat content in their milk, but are you sure that’s actually a good thing? I mean, we live in an era in which more and more people don’t want to gain weight and to eat food with lots of fat. I would love to buy some NDGs but I’m worried about non being able to sell the dairy products because of the high butterfat content.
Thanks in advance,

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Hi Francesco- High butterfat is one of the most desirable qualities of Nigerian milk. For instance, it will yield more cheese per ounce than a milk with a lower butterfat. Higher butterfat also contributes more emollients to goat milk soap and lotions.
On a side note- I’m not sure where you live, but best to check your local ordinances on selling dairy products. Here in Texas, it is illegal for me to sell dairy products without a Grade A Dairy license.
Oh- I see in another post that you are in Italy :) I’m sure your laws are much different than here in the US.

I think the markets are just totally different. Butterfat is what is needed to make milk products like cheese and goat cheese is very very popular so in that respect that’s what you want. People don’t look at goat cheese fat the way they look at cow milk fat. So as Tammy said check what you can and can’t do with your dairy products but I have never, not once, had someone ask me about low fat cheese. Yes they’re out there and of course just like with cows milk you can remove some of the fat but I doubt you will need to. Goat cheese is often considered gourmet or decadent. People like fat in some areas of their life.  

Low fat cheese is gross! It can't be made at home or naturally. We made mozzarella with skimmed goat milk one time, and it was like chewing plastic. Parmesan is one of the few cheeses that must be made with low fat milk. But it's not traditionally made with goat milk anyway. 

If you're in Italy, I'm surprised you are asking about this. I thought only Americans were obsessed with fat. But even here, that's an outdated concern as there are many people on a Paleo or Keto diet that are looking to add more fat to their diet. Google bulletproof coffee, which is made with pure butter (or ghee) and coconut oil! And there are people who just eat plain coconut oil every day. Buy what you love and ignore the fads. 

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