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Hi All,

My name is Elizabeth and my 11 year old daughter and I just adopted 3 soon to be wether Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Their purpose:  to be fully and completely loved on.  Not sure of our herd far have 'G' FBI agents but they are goats...get it..G for goats???  I know we have so far.  We live in the mountains of Colorado about 5 mins from our breeder.  We know nada about goats but very excited to learn. 

They shared a fenced in yard with our 3 pooches which I have parasite concerns but will read the info Deborah has sent and ask later if still questions. Currently, we have a copper deficiency so we have Copasure (sp) on it's way.  

I have discovered they love their forelocks (if a horse..not sure on a goat) combed and hoof massages.  Looking forward to taking this journey with you all  :)  Thanks!

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Welcome Elizabeth.  Post some pictures when you get a chance....everyone loves pictures of goats :)

Welcome to the wonderful world of goats! I love the idea of G-men. That's cute!

If you are worried about the dogs giving worms to the goats or vice versa, don't. Worms are species specific. There are a few thousand different species of roundworms that each infect all sorts of different animals. If the goats ingested dog worms or vice versa, the worms would simply die inside the other animal because that is not their host. It would be like us trying to live on Mars. Yeah, it's a planet, but it doesn't have what we need to survive.

Thanks Aaron and Deborah! Not sure how to post pics here. Assuming they just go into the photo area.

Thanks for info on parasites not crossing the species divide as that had been a big concern.

You can post photos here. Just click on the little photo icon at the top of the compose box.

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