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Hello Everyone,
I feel so silly because I'm having some trouble navigating this website. So, I do hope I'm doing this right, right now. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I became a member a few weeks back but have been pretty busy. Just wanted to say "hello."
We acquired 6 baby goats, 5 in May and 1 in April. Thumbalina was born in April so had to make another trip to get her. She was born with a extra set of teats, called supernumerary, so we cannot register her. We had the option of not taking her when the seller discovered this but we decided she would just stay our pet baby. She's very cute. Besides Thumbalina, we have 4 other does and 1 wether. Absolutely love our ng babies.
Would anyone know of someone who is very good at disbudding? We plan on breeding late next year and want to hopefully have someone ready to do this.
Thanks for listening.

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Welcome to the group! It's a great idea to watch someone disbud in person the first time. That's what we did. I don't think I saw what part of the country you're in.

Sorry forgot that part. I'm in Edwardsville Illinois.

Welcome to the group!  :)

Thank you I hope to learn a few things here

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