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Hi everybody, I’m Cathy and I’m new to the group. I need a group where I can learn and ask or answer questions. I have a herd of 14 ND. Ten of my dies are bred, so more to come! My problem is that I released my buck in with my does on the last week of September, but look at Lexi, she has a nice size udder, and yesterday I noticed a discharge from her. Pictures below. If she was bred last of September, why is she showing signs of later pregnancy? Or is this normal? She is a FF, and none of the other dies are looking like this. I’ve checked her ligaments and can still feel them, however, they do seem farther apart, not completely sure though. What do you guys think?

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Picture? It’s not uncommon for my girls to have some white discharge in early pregnancy. An udder developing at two months bred is a little ahead of schedule but I’ve had does start developing their udders at about 3 months so depending on the udder it may not be that unusual. If the udder is soft still and not firm and tight id say she isn’t that close to kidding. Is there any possibility that she was bred before September?

Sorry the pics didn’t show up on mobile but I see them now. That is kind of a lot of udder development for two months. Have you ultrasounded her? Her belly doesn’t look big to me and her being a FF means we have no idea what her usual development is. So this may just be her but I’d get an ultrasound and see exactly how far along she is. 

I agree with Maggie. That is NOT the kind of udder you see on a goat that is only 2 months pregnant. That's what you see a week or two before they kid. Are you sure that a buck didn't jump the fence 5 months ago?  If it is absolutely impossible that she was bred five months ago, I'd be inclined to think that she did not get bred in September and that this is a precocious udder, which is a fancy term for an udder that develops in a doe that has not been bred. It's not common, but it happens. I'd also suggest getting an ultrasound if you really want to know if she is pregnant. 

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