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How many days do your does usually go before kidding?

I have had only one kidding and she kidded on day 147. I was just curious about what the average
kidding day for nigerian does.

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150 days is the gestation time for Nigerians. It's not *as* common for them to go over that, but it is common for them to kid any time around day 145 up to 150. 

That's pretty funny -- 147 is the average for NDs. Almost every one of my does kids at 147 +/- 2 days. Maybe one out of ten does will kid outside that window. In 12 years I've only had 2 does kid after 150 days. Standard goats tend to go longer. It's not unusual to hear about them going 155 days.

My two always go on day 147. So far. Now that I've said that, the next one will go very early or very late.

Mine went this year at 146, 145, and 143. This year I'm curious to see if they kid on the exact same day again. Then I have 3 FFs this year so it will be interesting to see if they kid on the same days their mamas do. 

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