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Hello...I’m new to the group and also a new Nigerian dwarf goat owner...we have 2 weathers and are going to get 2 more in about a month...I feed them twice a day and they usually eat all the hay I put in their feeder...I just want to make sure their getting enough and also make sure I’m not over feeding them...we picked them up in New York when they were 7 weeks old and I’m wondering if they let them go too soon from the mother because they are very skiddish around people...I would like to see them play and interact with people...I’m trying to get them to socialize more but any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and I’m so pleased I’m in the group!

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Congratulations on your goats and welcome to the group!

If you are giving them grass hay, you can't really overfeed them. If you are giving them alfalfa, you really should find grass hay because alfalfa is too rich for them. If they are still young and growing, they can use the calcium and protein in alfalfa, but once they're closer to a year, there is too much calcium and protein in alfalfa for them. 

I don't sell any goats younger than 8 weeks unless they are bottlefed, but with wethers, they will probably be okay because they don't have to grow big and strong and start producing sperm or growing babies or making milk. Wethers tend to be very easy keepers.

They are skittish because they were not handled much. Sit down with them in the barn and let them approach you. Goats are naturally curious, and if you are not threatening, they will want to get to know you. Here is more info on that:

Thank you Deborah and thank you for the quick response! Greatly appreciated...we feed them grass hay...I read the link you sent and that was helpful too...I try just sitting there with some hay and they usually come up to me to eat it...I will keep working on that and hopefully soon they will be more glad to belong to this group! I’m sure I’ll have more and more questions as I go along! Have a great day!!

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