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I wasn’t sure whether to put this in breeding or health - but here goes ...

first - I’m so excited hubby just surprised me with Raising Goats Naturally AND Just Kidding!! It’s hard to stop reading - but I have a question - that may be answered in the books but thought I’d ask now...

I have a doe that I had to pull kids on last March. After going through Denorah’s copper video course - I now suspect copper deficiency:(

I was too busy taking care of a weak legged kid, that I didn’t lavage her immediately afterwards. I did later that day- but not sure if cervix was Still open?

Because she had a whitish discharge about 3 weeks later I had the vet come out to see if she was infected. She said she didn’t think she was- but gave her a shot of biomycin anyway.

She has continued to have this discharge between heats with no other symptoms. Her discharge has never smelled bad like infection can. It sort of smells like a faint bleach/comet smell??

The vet didn’t think she smelled unusual either - but sadly I don’t have a vet around that knows goats!

I have been treating her with high doses of vite C plus Echinacea/Goldenseal garlic etc. I have flushed her with colloidal silver during heats when I think she’s open a few times.

She finally started drying up - then missed 2 heats. then today she had a lot of discharge and is her normal “ I’m in heat” self.

But the discharge is still not totally clear - maybe a tinge of pink. Still no smell.

At what point is it safe to put her with a buck? How do I know for sure any infection is gone - I doubt a vet around here would know - so I ask the experienced instead!:)

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I found an awesome mobile vet- actually has goats.

But not good news about my doe...
She did a one finger vaginal exam and felt something sharp just inside the cervix.

I felt it too and we both agreed it was probably a kid from last kidding:(

That explains a lot of things - especially the slow labor.

So her recommendation was to either do a c-section which she would have a 50/50 chance of making it through - or putting her down.

I think this vet is very good and being honest - but I wanted to check First to see if there were any other options.

I have heard of dead kids being cut and removed vaginally - but that’s probably only during kidding?

She has been such a trooper and has such a will to live. But I can’t imagjne how painful/uncomfortable that has been for her for 7 months!

Any help - this is such a hard decision.

That's fascinating! I have heard of that happening before, but I still find it so weird that their body can encapsulate a dead kid and just keep going fairly normally. On the other hand, some does become septic and die within a couple of days.

Why did she only give your doe a 50/50 chance of surviving a c-section? I've never heard of odds that grim -- or anywhere even close to that bad. We've had two c-sections, and it was not really a big deal.

Your doe's cervix has been closed for months, so nothing is coming out vaginally. Remember, they couldn't even get fluid to come out of my doe's uterus a month after kidding. However, since you mentioned that option, I personally would NEVER allow a vet to cut up a kid and remove it vaginally. Every case where I've heard of that being done, the doe died of a ruptured uterus, which doesn't really surprise me.

New news! The vet stopped by on her day off to check Ginnie again - without me asking!

But- Ginnie saw her truck coming and we looked everywhere and couldn’t find her!

After the vet left she came out from around the house - her brain is functioning very well!:)

But we are going to do an ultra sound next week and see exactly what is in there. Then go from there...we’re not giving up:)!

This vet apparently has done many fetalectomys ( I think that’s the way it’s spelled?) on cows and goats. She sounded like hers were successful.

I don’t know why she gave her a slim chance of surviving a c-section. I just took her word for it- Ginnie is only 5 so not that old.

It IS amazing how the uterus can “wall” something off. The vet said she knows of at least one goat that lived for years with a dead kid!

I had also heard that a doe with a dead kid is usually gone pretty soon after- so I’m hoping that means it’s something else.

I am thinking all that vite C and immune herbs helped her to keep going.

Her recommendation was to give Banamine for the next 3 days - and she’s coming back on Fri. To do the next Excede shot and another vaginally check. She’s hoping the Banamine takes some swelling down.

I’ll update soon and hopefully have more answers

Thank You!

That's great that you're going to do an ultrasound. That was going to be my next suggestion. I was chatting with a vet today, and she said she did a necropsy on a goat once that had a 4-year-old mummified fetus in her. She died from something unrelated. It is really interesting how sometimes the body goes septic and other times the body just deals with it. 

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