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I had the Vet take a sample of one of my Boys to see where his blood levels were in minerals.

His results .

Copper 1.5

Iron 3.4

Selenium .12

Vitamin E .o44

Zinc .88

I am already adjusting for the Vitamin E, had suspected there was an issue there that is why I tested. The curiuos part is the Iron. It doesn't seem to be interfering with his copper but is high. The goats all have RO water due to high nitrates in the water courtesy of our local corn farmers. Any thoughts on the Iron and if it is a health concern? 

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I'm traveling and don't have access to my resources, so can't comment on levels until Monday, but what units of measurement are those? What normal values did the lab say each one should be. Those iron levels are definitely not hematocrit or hemoglobin or PCV, which are the ones I'm familiar with. (He'd be dead if they were.)

I haven't bothered to learn anything about copper serum levels because they are not indicative of a goat's true copper status. I've heard of goats dying that had normal serum copper levels, and they were deficient when they tested the liver. In the liver, most labs say normal is 25 to 150 ppm. 

I have attached the report.

Thank you for your help. 


I'm still traveling, but this just popped into my head -- do you have high iron in your well water? Does it turn sinks and bathtubs orange?

My goats are on Softened and Reverse Osmosis water so no iron there. Our Nitrate levels in the well water were high enough to warrant putting the farm on RO water to avoid the nitrates causing health issues and abortions. Those corn farmers sure do love their chemicals.

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