Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

for people who love the littlest dairy goats

Hi All

Excited to have found this group :-)

& looking forward to the introductory series of emails!

Brilliant idea 

We moved to a farm a year ago & Nigerian Dairy goats were on my list to achieve self suffieciency

Not so easy to come by in Sout Africa

I was given two does in May - & one kidded in September. one doe kid (the twin didn't make it)

Just prior to that I got three mixed breed kids from the dairy down the road. One Saanen. One SaanenxToggenberg. one saanen x Deutse Bont (or something!)

I got a one year old Nigerian buck last Sunday.

So I now have a herd of 7!

Not milking yet as the one that kidded is very shy & as I wasn't yet set up, I chose not to put her or myself through the stress

I look forward to learning from all of your experiences, as we continue on this adventure!

Have a FANTASTIC day :-)


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Congratulations on your new herd! You're our second member in Africa that I know of. We have one from Ireland who lives in Nigeria. Are you from South Africa?

Thank you

I am in South Africa - about 200km from Cape Town

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was wondering if you're originally from South Africa. Have you always lived there? Or did you move there from somewhere else?

Deb Blake-Satchel said:

Thank you

I am in South Africa - about 200km from Cape Town

always lived here. about fourth generation african on both sides of my family :-)

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