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Hi ND people. Our microfarm (Ranchito Gordito) is in a very small town in west Marin County, in the middle of amazing ranch and farmland.

I had goats (Nubian and Alpine) as a kid and have been wanting them ever since.

Two years ago, I brought home two doelings (Wednesday and Molly Jane) and in February, Molly Jane gave us three gorgeous babies. I'm raising goats so we can have milk, cheese, yogurt, soap, etc. for our family and so far it's been a blast.

We sold two babies and kept a pretty little polled doeling (Ellen May) - she's the one on the right in the pic below. 

We've also got chickens and ducks on our place: and I am big into sourdough breadmaking, cheesemaking, and general farmsteading shenanigans...

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Welcome Cynthia from one newbie to another. Those are some fine looking goats especially the little doelings you choose to keep.

Yes, she's a peach!

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