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Hello Everyone!
My four year old doe, who has never been freshened appears to have a full udder. Its quite large and hard. I tried to milk her to reduce it, but nothing came out. She doesn't appear to be in pain. I've noticed that she is trying to hump the other female goats. I have no males in my herd and or near by. So I know she isn't pregnant.
Any suggestions would be great!
Dawn from Vermont.

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Sounds like a precocious udder. It's more common in standard size dairy goats. I've never had it in a ND, but I did have it in a LaMancha one time. It's not a big deal. Just leave it alone, and it will probably go away. If you start milking, you may have to continue milking. There is someone on here that's been milking a precocious milker for years.

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