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Hello my name is Daniella.  A little over a year ago I acquired 3 ND goats(2 does, and a buck).. the buck I got from a "professional breeder" as a baby  and the 2 does(one was 2 years old and the other 4 months)from a hobbiest. the older doe was pregnant or suspected to be (but I knew she was I call it instinct) and the younger one running with 3 bucks (I was in Shock)..Even tho this was my first time raising goats I knew I had to get her out of there. I say I rescued them even tho I paid a decent amount for them.. I had the vet come out right away and found out they had coccidia and lice... they got treated and so did my buck (just in case)... So about 8 days later from the day I brought Dreamer home she kidded 2 beautiful bucks which one I retained and named Cash. These 2 beautiful ladies are days away from kidding and its driving me bonkers if I remember correctly today would be Day 139... The poor 3 year old doe Dreamer is huge and uncomfortable I can only imagine her atleast having triplets for the reason her vulva and her size. The 1 and 1/2 year old (which my 4 year old named) Lucy is having a hard time as she is a FF and is so uncomfortable. Any advice would be appreciated... I found this site due to my obsessive and compulsive need for any and all knowledge when it comes to my babies... Especially when kidding season is near. Thanks for having me and Hello to all.

My Fur Babies: 2 Nigerian Dwarf Does, 2 Nigerian Dwarf Bucks, a Quarter Horse (Rescued), a Mini Pot Belly Pig(suppose to be a "teacup") (hes not so mini) and 2 Cats (Rescued and bottle fed)

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Welcome to the group, and congratulations on your growing herd. 

Welcome, and best wishes! They're all so beautiful.

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