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Greetings all, new member...first post...and all that

Let me introduce myself a bit: I am currently in the Army but I am being medically retired due to several health issues. Because of this unexpected change in our lives, my family and I have decided to take this as our chance to start the homestead we have been dreaming of for several years. A few months ago we purchased 38 acres of trees here in South Carolina. It is a beautiful piece of property completely covered in a 100+ year old forest. We are in the process of building our house, but once we move in we are eagerly anticipating getting several Nigerian Dwarf goats and beginning our adventures as goat herders and homesteaders.

I love working with animals and can't wait to begin milking our own goats and making cheese, icecream, etc. There is nothing like eating food you have made from ingredients that your have grown/raised.

I will be lurking around and probably asking some great newbie questions.

May your pastures be full of goats and your pails full of milk,


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hello, and thank you for your service to our country!!!!! I am ex-army(11B desert shield/storm era ) sorry to hear about your health issues. hooaahh. good luck. what part of south carolina 

Welcome to the group! You have such an awesome adventure ahead of you!

Welcome to our group!! I can't wait to hear about your new place, and see your herd when you get it! 

Thank you guys for the welcome.

Dion, our land is located about 20 minutes north of Columbia, SC on the western side of Blythwood, SC. I am a 56A (Chaplain) and am currently stationed at Fort Jackson here in South Carolina.

Rachel, I can not wait to see my herd also :) and will certainly be sharing pictures once we finally get them. Right now I just have to figure out how to turn this 38 acres of trees into an actual homestead and how to run goats on it.

Hi Aaron, from Nova Scotia! We too, not so long ago began our journey into the homesteading life, and now are avid vegetable/herb growers, beekeepers duck raisers and goat herders. It was lots of work for us too, which some days seems to be ongoing, but the outcome has been a truly wonderful experience! Keep seeing it and it will all fall into place. We wish you all the best and join in with the others who can't wait to see your goats when you get them and hear of your progress. You've already bought the land and have the vision-welcome to homesteading...and the most wonderful and rewarding world of goats!!!

Congratulations and hello from the Pacific Northwest.  You are about to embark on the greatest adventure a person can have.  The Nigerian Dwarf goats will be the frosting on the cake on this new life your family has ahead.

Donna, I have always wanted to visit Nova Scotia. The pictures I have seen make it look like a beautiful place. Unfortunately it is a long way for South Carolina but perhaps when it comes time to buy a few goats I might need some from up that way. Be a great reason to finally make it up that far north.

Glenna, I also love the Pacific Northwest. I have family in Northern Idaho, Coeur d'Alene to be exact, and we have done some traveling along the coast of Oregon and Washington states. Beautiful country.

Now y'all are making me jealous of the beautiful place you all live. South Carolina was not where we thought we would end up but God seems to have placed us here and so here we are :)

Welcome Aaron!

And - I thank you for your service as well. :)  South Carolina? know the property is beautiful!  best of luck with your new endeavor!

Update to my introduction - 

So it has been almost three years since I posted the above introduction.  Things have taken longer here on the homestead than we had thought and we have run into a few issues along the way.  At this point we have about 60 chickens, a large garden, and two bee hives going, but no goats.

Last year we tried to get some ND does but the guy we had arranged to get the doelings from ended up only having bucks born.  So we tried again this year with a different person.  This time our goat lady had all bucks and one doe born to her.  Things did not seem to be working out for us.  Both of these ND herds were based here in South Carolina, but I wasn't willing to just give up.  Back in 2015 my wife and I had stayed in Virginia at a bed and breakfast that also had ND goats called Cornerstone.  So I contacted them to see if they had any doelings left.  They did and I have reserved four of them (along with a buck and a wether as part of a "start up package") .  

So after much waiting it looks like we will finally be getting our goats soon! Now I just have to finish the goat barn and fencing...sigh.

Congratulations!!! Post photos!

Congratulations!  It will be fun seeing things unfold for you.  Best wishes with all!

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