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Hello Everyone,

I just moved back to North Carolina (where I am from originally) after living in Boston for the past 6 years. I am currently looking for land to begin my homesteading adventures, so do not have goats or any other animals yet but hope to very soon! I spent the past two months working on organic farms across the U.S. including Deborah's farm in Illinois as well as farms in Kentucky, Minnesota, and Lopez Island, Washington. On two of the farms I visited, I had the opportunity to work with goats and also took a course with Deborah on Raising Dairy Goats. I will be assisting Deborah as an administrator of this group. I look forward to reading your comments and interacting with you on this site! 


Janie Hynson

Raleigh, NC

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Welcome, Janie! I'm so glad you're here!

Hello Janie, from another North Carolinian.  :)

I'm also from NC.

Hi from another North Carolina resident. Good luck with your land search and thanks for helping to administer this group.

Thank you everyone!! Glad to be back in NC! 

Hi Janie! Good luck with the search for property for your new adventure!

Thanks, we did find property...3 acres so not too big but plenty to do! :) Having lots of fun.

Amalia Young said:

Hi Janie! Good luck with the search for property for your new adventure!

That's great news, congratulations! We have two acres and even so there is absolutely plenty to do! Will you let us know if you've also got your goats now?

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