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Hello and Thank you.

Into The Woods Farm is located in the foothills of the Adirondacks in upstate New York.  We have a small herd of 12 NDGs.  We started with our goats in May of 2016 when we purchased a first freshner and her 4 doelings that she was dam raising.  Twylith Teg and her 4 girls were where it all began.   By the end of the summer we had 3 wethers and another doeling! Then this year after researching options decided to purchase a buckling to us as our herd sire for this winter.  Well he came with a doeling and a wonderful new friendship with a local farm. 

After all was said and done the breeder we got our original 4 from asks us to take on her favorite buckling as his dam died unexpectedly and he is all she has left of that wonderful line.  So we now have 2 intack bucks and a new doeling bringing us up to and past my predicted cap of 10 to 12 goats.

We are located in the woods on a dead end dirt road surrounded by forest.  Our goats go hiking with us, sledding, have been invited to attend 2 "Goat Yoga" sessions, and a few fall festivals at local schools.  All of our goats are kind and gentle with both very young children and older folks as well.

I have a 4H group Into The Woods & Under The Sun that meets at our farm every month so the goats get lots of snuggles and people time.

This will be our first year breeding and we just put 3 of our does in with our buck this week to pen breed.  Since they all get along it was not stressful to move goats around to different barns for a few weeks.  We usually have the bucks and wethers in the boys barn Neverland and the girls are all in the girls barn.  All seems to be going well I guess and I will keep updated.

My 2 children, 3 dogs, flock of 26 chickens and our goats make up our little farm.  I have been researching since the day the goats arrived and have not stopped.  Our herd is fed 2nd cut hay and fresh water. I supplement with Thorvin Kelp and Land of Havilah Parasite blend and Vitaerbs as well as Sweetlix Meat maker minerals free choice inside the barns and outside.  We use grain for treats and as a management tool when trimming hooves, and moving them around.

For now we are happy with our small herd and look forward to kidding season with both excitement and butterflys. I am grateful to have this as a tool for the upcoming months and have been following Thrifty Homesteader since last year on FB, by email, and by book.

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Welcome to the group! It's great to have you here. You have some beautiful goats!

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