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So as I am trying to get ready to welcome home our first group of goats, hopefully by the end of this month, I am attempting to figure out what to feed them and where to source it.  

My local Feed store carries hay that they called "coastal" hay.  When I have purchased it in the past, to line my nest boxes, it is completely dry and brown throughout and dusty.  This does not seem to fit the description of what hay should look like in the books I have read, especially Deborah's.  

They also carry Alfalfa Pellets from a local milling company (Orangeburg Milling Company) at $16/50lbs. The tag listed the nutritional breakdown as Protein 17%, Fat 1.25%, Fiber 30%

Besides that I have the usual Tractor Supply choices.

I am not sure where else to source hay.  Being in South Carolina many of the grass species that are good hay further north do not grow locally here.  

Our goats will have almost daily access to browse, either in our 30+ acres of woods or out in the overgrown power line easement that crosses our land.

I have read the books but as the reality of getting goats gets closer I am feeling overwhelmed by details like  this.

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If your goats will have daily access to browse, it's fine to give them alfalfa pellets in the barn at night or on the milk stand.

Well they will only be about 3-4 months old so no milk stand, but it is good to know that alfalfa pellets will be ok in the barn at night as an option.

What about with bucks?  Don't I remember reading the alfalfa is not so good for them? I will have 2 bucks in addition to our 4 does.

They also make Timothy hay pellets.

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