Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

for people who love the littlest dairy goats

I am selling this handsome buckling born 3 months ago on our farm. Lovely lines, very sweet temperament.

Mopaju Fermier Rowan

DOB: 03/09/17

Sire: Sugar Moon BL Iza Man

Dam: Sugar Moon V Miss Dalyrmple

SS: Chenango- Hills TRX Bombay Aloo *B

SSS: Rosasharn BB Tom Bambadil +*B

SSD: Chenango Hills Bouncy Trixie 5*M

SD: Sugar Moon V Zuzanna

SDS: Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas *B

SDD: NC Promisland Sia Zena 3*M

DS: Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas *B

DSS: Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip +*B

DSD: NC Promisedland Sunni-Beau-NO 2*M

DD: Sugar Moon Zesta 3*M

DDS: Rosasharn TL Ukko *B

DDD: NC Promisedland BW Zippy 2*M

Asking $350.  I am happy to provide more info and pics if interested.

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