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After not finding a "commercial" halter for my Nigerian Dwarf does, I pretty much gave up.  I have tied a couple of halters but have not been completely happy with them.  Yesterday, at a local feed store where I had not yet been, I noticed they had a lot of smaller halters (not horse) halters on the back wall.  The smallest  they had was one for a baby alpaca - it is the perfect size!  This fits the yearling and the two-month old perfectly.  I might get the regular goat halter for mom if I decide to get one for her.

Most goat owners I know use simple dog collars on their goats, but if you would like to use a regular halter, you might consider this.  It is made by Hamilton Products, baby 5/8" alpaca halter (figure 8?).  They had another brand also but I chose this one because the straps (where the ring is) cross under the chin and looked like it would be more comfortable than the other one they had.  After a search for Hamilton's website, I found this:

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It's good to know the baby alpaca halter fits! I wish they can better details on the goat halters. I once bought one, and it was so huge, it didn't even fit my la mancha buck. I guess they're made for meat goats?

Update on the halter. 

The baby alpaca halter fits Ginger (two months old) at the tightest "setting" and fits her yearling sister at the loosest.  However, it is one notch too small for mom Capri.  If I get one, I might try the goat halter (they don't have one in stock) and hope it is not way too big.  I, too, wish they gave some sort of measurements.  Of course the good thing about the brand I got is that the name is on the inside of the halter so if you want another like it, you know exactly what size to get.

Was the halter you purchased, Deborah, a goat halter?  If so, maybe I should try the medium alpaca halter for Capri (verus baby) though I think the alpaca noses are longer and it might not fit very well at all.  I still haven't tested these to see if they do stay properly in place while leading.

(Thank goodness for the collars!)

Hey! Not sure if this is still needed, but Llama & Alternative Livestock makes halters for little goats. Its where I got my full goat harness set, which includes a halter. Just looked and they sell the halter separately.


Here's the link:


- WG4

Yes, it was just labeled for an adult goat, and I bought it at a Rural King store in Illinois.

Glenna Rose said:

Was the halter you purchased, Deborah, a goat halter? 

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