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Our doe Chloe, now 2 years old and a first freshener as of first week of August (2 kids), has a strange to us hair loss on her face. We didn't notice this last year and don't know if it is associated with her new role as a producer of milk, or if it is just hair loss because we are entering springtime here in the southern hemisphere. The loss, or perhaps it is a colour change?, is around her eyes and ears particularly noticeable. See photo....
She is not getting any grain or pellets. She gets free choice minerals, seaweed and baking soda. She also gets free choice of alfalfa hay, alfalfa & clover hay, clover & rye hay. She is eating so well and so much that she looks as though she might still be pregnant, even though she is feeding two kids. (The kids are really turning into butterballs! Chloe could easily have fed three kids.) We are not milking yet, but will start very soon.
She is starting to lose her cashmere and hair is falling out along her flanks, etc.

Any thoughts on this?

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That's a classic symptom of copper deficiency, although her hair is still quite red, and their hair usually fades before anything else. Does she have a faded coat anywhere else on her body?

I would not expect external parasites with hair loss in those places.

Thank you Deborah.

This morning here, we had already about decided that that was the case! Accordingly, all the adults got the COWP dosages. 

Two are pregnant, due in three weeks. Hope it helps them out, and their kids still in the wombs.

A follow up on the copper deficiency: having given the six adults COWP, is there any reason to consider it for the month old kids? Or are they "protected" by the milk? At what age should it be considered if not immediately?


I give kids their first COWP when they're weaned. For doelings that we keep and don't wean, I usually give them a dose sometime between 4-6 months.

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