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I've got a doe who kidded a couple of weeks ago who has hair loss around her ears. Not just a patch, but pretty much hair loss on the whole ear, both of them. The hair loss forms a circle at the base of the ear where the hair loss begins and ends. I will include a picture. We do things as naturally as we can throughout the year to combat internal/external parasites, and try to stay on top of health issues. Having said that, I did treat her with CyLense yesterday... and having checked under her lower eyelids I did give her a dose of Ivermectin paste. She received copper (bolus) and a BoSe injection about a month ago. Has free choice access to Sweetlix Meat Maker, kelp, and sodium bicarbonate. Any thoughts as to what this could be is welcome... thanks. 

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Did the hair loss just show up? Looks like she is losing her cashmere winter coat, so I'm wondering if this is just seasonal shedding, and she will look great in 2-3 weeks?

How does this doe look now? Has the hair regrown on her ears? Does she have other symptoms of copper deficiency? How much copper did you give her last time? 

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