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I have a four year old doe who has never kidded. She occasionally sits as a dog sits. (Front legs up, bottom down.) She is otherwise happy and normal. It just seems odd.  Has anyone else ever seen this? Thanks!

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I have a heavy set doe that sits like that once in awhile.  Especially when she is pregnate.

I have a 6-year-old doe that sits like that when she's pregnant. Her mama sat like that also when she was pregnant. They've both carried five TWICE, so I think it might be the only way they can get comfortable. About 13-14 years ago I had another doe that was heavy set, like Bev said, who also sat like that.

My daughter has been really curious about this and we were hoping to hear from others. Thanks so much for your responses! Opal isn't particularly overweight but she's also not fit and trim. I guess it's just her "thing" and we shouldn't won't worry too much. She makes us smile! :)

If she never tucks her front legs under her, she could be getting arthritis, but typically if a goat is that bad, they will have hair growing on their knees (rather than the calluses that you normally see).

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