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Good morning all,  we are new here I say we because my wife and I  are gonna share this new adventure together.  Looking forward to getting started. My first challenge will be to transform a 30 by 40 garage, well out building with one set of doors in front, no windows and unfinished metal roof and siding.  Not sure how to set it up inside any Ideas?   We plan to have about 10  Nigerian dwarf goats to start. then after a year start to breed them. Is that the correct " goat term" breed? lol. Plus we have two pot belly pigs too.  We have just about 18 acres but the barn will not be centrally located.

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Welcome and congratulations! You will have a blast being the parents of these kids! We love it here on the forum when we hear start up plans. I think most of us consider ourselves in some stage of start up or another. Even some who have been at it for years are still starting new phases of business etc. And I think that I can safely say that because here you can ask what you want, share your fears, accomplishments, ideas etc. that everybody stands to learn something from potentially anyone. So hang out with us a while and see what you learn and teach us what you know. I too, have a piggy, "Big Pig" that I jokingly call my fainting pig because if you scratch her belly she immediately flops on her side. She just loves that. Can't wait to hear more about your plans!

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