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So my Doe if got the first day would be sitting at day 142.. on day 138 she leaked a small amount of milk on a wooden box she was laying on (which I called the vet to make sure she would be ok) for the last 2 days her tail has been up for the last 5 days when she lays down her vulva slightly opens , shes been head butting the other pregnant doe and sometimes acting like a buck. Her vulva is huge and puffy and enlongated and also has a really nice size utter that she has been developing for atleast the last month. She has been "nesting" for the past week and stretches constantly. My question is ive been checking ligaments for the past 2 weeks and the last 2 days they seemed to move out towards her sides... Do the ligaments actually disappear or do they move out of the area? she is soft around her tail head but I can still feel her ligaments but they are further out. I'm assuming shes at least gonna kid with triplets due to her vulva opening when she is laying down. She is 3 years old and this is her 2nd Freshening.

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Everything you describe sounds totally normal, and vulva opening has nothing to do with number of kids.

Sounds like you are REALLY good at finding ligaments! Most new people don't notice that they move out like that. I've only had a couple of does whose ligaments I could still find when they were about to kid, but they were really, really soft and mushy.

If you don't have a cheap baby monitor, I'd suggest getting it so that you can sleep at night. We used one for many years before finally getting a video monitor. Goats like to sleep at night just like we do, so they don't usually make any noise unless there's a reason.

Most NDs kid between 145 and 150. A very small handful will kid earlier or later than that.

last year when I got the does and knew she was possibly close to kidding I went out immediately and purchased a baby monitor. I did set it up in their pen on day 138. today is day 144 and ive noticed my FF laying down with her back legs kicked out and her vulva pushed out and open. I can see inside and now worried about prolapse or if its normal in the last days... I still consider myself new to this even tho I was present with my older does first kidding about 14 months ago... its sometimes hard to even remember so I made sure to take notes this year to compare in the future kiddings... I'm just overly worried due to research and videos showing every possible complication and the fact that my FF will be ok due to her moaning for about the last 2 weeks when shes lying down and heavily exhaling.

It's not exactly what I'd call normal, but it's not a full blown prolapse either. I've seen pictures of those, and believe me, if you see it, you won't be asking us if it's prolapsed. It looks really scary. We've had 500+ kids and have not had a prolapse and hope we never do. Once in awhile I'll see what you're seeing, and it has never amounted to anything.

ok thank you Deborah... both of my does have that type of vulva bulge when they are lying down.. but returns to a normal puffy vulva when they are standing just worried about infection and praying to not have a prolapse either .... they are driving me nuts and wish babies would just be born already since its day 145 since the buck mounted the doe for the first time.... lots of kid movement when they aren't sleeping...

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