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Ok so I know that on average there will be 50% boys and 50% girls. I also know that it’s possible for some bucks and even some does to consistently produce more of one gender than the other. Just like in humans some families produce more of one sex than the other across generations. I also know that the cow industry has mastered ways to ensure better gender selection options but goats just aren’t there yet. So I want to know any ways that anyone has tried to boost chances of doe offspring. I am five years into breeding Nigerians and while I know that is not long at all my rates are no where near 50/50. At this point it’s starting to hurt business. I have a small herd and am working on expanding but again while there are hosts of posts about feeding and other changes for dairy cows to affect gender I have found nothing for goats so hit me with your tips! 

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Hi Maggie- I wish I could find the post where Deborah discusses this. It may have actually been a conversation during a meeting, and that's why I can't find it. But basically she says that over time you are just going to get 50/50. If there was a way to guarantee or even boost production of does, there would not be so many unwanted bucks being produced.

I see claims for this in other species as well. Supposedly, if you cool down eggs during storage, before putting into the incubator, you get more hens. But honestly, if this were the case, large hatcheries would be cranking out hens in huge proportion to roos.


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