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I have been so worried about Rosie having her babies. We are leaving for Oregon in 5 days, I was concerned she would have them while we were out of town. But here they are two perfect little ones. One buckling and one doeling.

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Aw, congratulations! I'm a worried mom since "my" first babies are "due" in a week (or more) from my 5 yr old doe who has had triplets the last 2 times. She was pen bred for a month so I don't know when it will happen but 145 days is in a week. She seems so ready! Glad yours came before you went out of town. Me... I'll have some sleepless nights for awhile...

Aaaawwwwwwwww!! So CUTE!! Which is which?

Lulu is the black and white doe and Buddy is the black buck. :) So much fun. Hang in there Julia. If I learned anything from this experience is it will happen when they are ready not when we are. It's just so awesome.

They are adorable!  It is awesome to experience the birth of baby ND's.  I know I certainly love mine and am pretty much addicted!!

Aw, so cute. :) Congrats!

Really nice kids!

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