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How potentially fertile is a two week old buck? I have a buckling that is acting as if he were in full rut. I’ve never had one act like this so early. Tongue flapping, blubbering, peeing, and now attempting to mount any goat near him. Should I be worried about his potential to actually do anything at this age or is he just practicing so to speak?

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At that age it has more to do with dominance than anything. I've even seen young doelings do that sometimes. He is definitely not producing sperm at two weeks of age. I don't castrate until 2 months of age, and I have never had any unplanned pregnancies. 

I figured as much but I wanted to check. He’s been cracking me up! 

He’s now trying to breed my doe in heat at almost 1 month old. I guess I’ll let you know in five months haha

Ambitious little guy! 

If it makes you feel better ... a few years ago I was traveling for six weeks and when I got home I discovered that there was a 5-month-old and three 4-month-old bucks in with my does. In fact, I was in the pasture and saw a 4-month-old breed a doe! More than a dozen does got pregnant, and I had the kids DNA tested, and every single kid -- more than 30 -- were sired by the 5-month-old. And I know at least one of the 4-month-olds was trying. I'm not saying that there isn't a 4-month-old that would be mature enough to get a doe pregnant, but I really feel much more comfortable now castrating closer to 3 months. I used to start to worry if I was a few days later than 2 months. 

But if he is making you nervous, you could always just castrate him now. I've done a few at one month when I was selling them as bottle babies. 

I’m more laughing at his drive. I totally doubt he’s getting anything right where it needs to be haha. Truth be told it would be a great breeding if he did succeed so I’m not really worried about it. I’m retaining him as a buck so I’m not castrating him otherwise I just would. I’ve had ALL boys so far this year haha so I don’t have any young does that Id be actually worried about. I’m planning on breeding this doe to his dad on her next heat anyway so again it wouldn’t be a terrible match. He’s just so intense so young it’s cracking me up. The rest of the buck kids don’t even notice her or act Bucky at all. He’s a special one! 

It does sound like it would be funny to watch! 

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