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Okay so we are looking at working on the fencing for our new girls this weekend and I was wondering what you all thought about our plan and if there is anything we can do to improve upon it.

We are fencing in about 1/2 acre or so for our 3 girls (2 are pregnant moms). They have a 12x16 enclosed lean to "barn" on our new shed that will become my milking parlor. The fencing will come out from there so they can come and go into the barn when they choose. We are planning on using 4 inch wooden posts with telephone poles cut to length as corner posts. We want to run them 10 feet apart with the 5 ft tall 2x4 inch no climb horse fencing around the whole thing. Our neighbors dogs completely ignore electric fencing so we wanted a permanent physical barrier for them. My question is this...with the 10 ft post spacing will we need to run 2x4 top rails around the whole thing or would we be okay without them? We also need to keep them away from our fruit trees on the other side of one section. They are planted about 15 feet from where the fence will go.

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So we just measured it out and we need 650 ft of fencing material for the whole enclosure. Should we do the 4x4 woven wire goat fencing or should we stick with the 2x4 horse fencing? Wow this is gonna be expensive.

Hi Lori, We went with a 4x4 goat fencing . Yes it is a little expensive but worth it. We bought  it at Tractor Supply. Now we think we might be making they pen a little bigger, LOL

The 4 X 4 fencing is sufficient. We use woven wire and haven't had any problems yet. A kid could go through it, if they were motivated, but they usually stick with their moms. If you have dog problems, you probably shouldn't do the woven wire to be safe. We have one or two every year that decide to check out the rest of the world. If the posts are 10 feet apart, you don't need the top rail.
We got the holes dug for the fence yesterday and most of them are 10-11 ft apart. Some were already in the ground and we had to split the difference between them. I am trying to convince hubby that we cannot go lower that 48 inch fencing (he wants to do 36, duh) and he is adamant about putting a top rail in case they try to jump up on it. I want to do the horse fencing with the smaller openings but I don't know if budget will allow for that. If we have some that are 11 or even 12 ft apart do we need the top rail? Thanks!
Hi Lori, I'd love to see pictures of your project. If you can would you post some ?

We got the fence posts done tonight...we are exhausted.  I'll get out there tomorrow and take some pics for everyone to see. Still "on the fence" about the fencing....hubby likes the look of the 2x4 fencing better cause it comes in black. He thinks it will look better. I'll get some pics tomorrow. :)

Okay so here are some is the view from the back porch. The shed is going to be my milking parlor and the lean to is 12x16, this weekend we are framing in up and it will become the goat barn. The goat pasture is 50ft x 275ft. We have to put the fencing up this weekend....I think we are going with the 4x4 goat fencing and if needed we'll but a strand of electric about 2ft up on the inside to keep them from rubbing the fence, in theory LOL


Wow that's a lot of fence post, looks like you've been real busy. How many goats do you have? Looks great !
Looks great!

Yeah, that's a lot of fence posts! I didn't count how many but it's a lot LOL.


We have 3 girls on hold at the breeders and two of them are pregnant and due in April. We don't plan on keeping any bucks ever, one of our senior does has a neurological disorder that will kill her if she ever gives birth so we don't want to take any chances with any bucks around. If we have any we will keep them 2 months to nurse from their mamas and then sell them.



Hope you'll post photos of the goat barn when you get it all set up. I always like seeing what other people do.

I will, we are hoping the weather holds out and we are able to frame up the barn this weekend. My husband has to get with his uncle Saturday morning to frame everything up. We have a stack of old windows from a friend's home that were put in during the 70s but are in good shape and we are going to put one on each end.


We still have to put in a hay feeder and construct a stanchion. In the midst of all this we are getting bids for a garage/workshop/storage area. I want somewhere to keep my 2 deep freezers other than my front porch! My husband enjoys woodworking and would really like to start doing some things and selling them on the side. I would love to do chicken coops/tractors cause they are quick and pretty easy to custom build. 


We are also trying to get everything in under budget and pay off our house/land in 10 yrs. Things are crazy now. :)

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