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I was talking with another local goat breeder and she is feeding Blue Seal Rabbit pellets to her goat. Alfalfa pellets are hard to come buy. Nice alfalfa hay impoosible. My question is dose any one else feed rabbit pellets.

Thanks Beth

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No I am lucky to have alfalfa available. Any farm supply store should be able to get alfalfa pellets for you. Cattle eat them all the time. I am not so sure rabbit pellets are really very good for goats. Do you have an ag college close? You can usually by feed from them also.
I tried them once, but it didn't seem to make a difference. I checked the label and made sure "alfalfa" was the #1 ingredient. After trying all sorts of different things (alfalfa pellets, beet pulp, sunflower seeds, etc.) over the past seven years, I have to agree with most of the more experienced breeders who told me that a good alfalfa hay was the most important part of good production. Grain additives don't seem to make as much difference as hay quality, which is frustrating, because hay quality is the hardest to control.

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