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Okay question from a newbie.  I purchased a 4 month old wether and 6 month old buck last week.  They look real healthy.  My DH says he thinks that there bellies are too big but I dont really thinks so.  The breeder I bought them from said to feed them 1 cup of grain 2x's a day plus all the alfalfa hay they want.  I sprinkle ammonium chloride on the grain, they get fresh water daily and I have been giving them free choice minerals along with free choice baking soda.  We let them graze but they do not seem to interested in foraging.  I do not think they even really know how.  I have been reading that I am not suppose to be feeding them grain.  What exactly do I need to be feeding them.  I am going to send a pic of them the day we brought them both home.  I would appreciate any info!

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I need to correct my first entry.  I am feeding them Purina Noble Goat feed 1cup 2x a day along with the alfalfa hay.  Is it necessary to also offer them free choice minerals?  I noticed that this feed includes ammonium chloride so do I need to add more  to the feed?  I want them to be healthy and do not want to over do it.

Hi Sandra,


I fed my goats a lot of alfalfa at first too.. It's amazing how fat they'll get!! The grain will bulk them up too.. So it's no suprise that they're not foraging.. Why eat salad when you have a candy feast??


I also bottle fed my first kids and we never gave them grain... From what I understand, grain can be given to kids at first, but you'll want to decrease the amount given over time.. Maybe start mixing in some field grass pelets or some of the other foods that you'll find people feed their goats.. Look through the posts on food.. I honestly think that a six month old buck wouldn't need any grain.


As for the minerals.. I would put some out for the goats and have it available, but don't expect them to chomp on them on a regular basis.. It's something they eat when they need it... and if the ammonium chloride is in the minerals, I'd stop adding it to their food.


Nigerian Dwarf goats are not Pygmies by far.. The Dwarf Nigerian doesn't have the stout, blocky-type bodies like the Pygmy.. Your goats should look more like deer, not like walking barrels.. Again, I would suggest looking over some other members photos and see if your kids are on par.


You will probably have a lot more feedback from other members, so don't take what I've suggested as the one true way.. There are a lot of different diets and feeding routines and you'll find out what works best for you. This site is an incredible source of info, so you're on the right path on being an informed member of your herd.. For now, I wouldn't worry so much and just give your new babes some lovin'..




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