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I have a question about the grain you all use for when you have a doe in milk. I have always used a goat ration #16 percent protein.  I have friends that say you shouldn't use a prepared feed but use whole grains, such as Barley, and they add alfalfa pellets to that.  The thought is that the prepared feed has ingredients that aren't good for rumenents.  Any thoughts?

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I always say listen to you goats, so if she's doing great, I wouldn't change a thing. What you are doing sounds pretty typical. You are correct that they need more nutrition during times like milking.

Kali Sink said:

I'm pretty new to goat ownership and have been feeding my milker a Blue Seal dairy goat sweet feed.  I know that prepared grains aren't ideal for any ruminant, but also thought that during times of high-energy needs, such as milking periods, it's helpful to have the concentrated feed.  I give her about a cup with another cup of hay stretcher twice a day and her condition looks great.

Am I horribly off??

Also, I would LOVE to hear more details on how, what, amounts, etc., of whole grains people feed to their goats.  I would prefer to keep it as natural as possible.

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