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I'm sure you have all seen the viral goat video going around - the goats balancing on the metal toy.

My husband is ready to add a few things - we have rocks to jump on and leap from rock to rock.

We have lots to stand on, play king of the log, and to sun on as well as jump from log to log.

I'm wanting pictures of your favorite (your goats favorite) items - things the babies especially like and also in general.

My farm is on a main road and lots of people enjoy looking at the goats enjoying themselves. What should I add?


PS - I can only focus on this because so many have covered the important things about birthing and being ready - thank you!

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I saw that on metal toy video on the news. It was so great! I had not seen that before. I just have the standard stuff - rocks, tables, etc. We used to have two big cable spools with a plank in between. The babies loved it. It fell apart in the weather, eventually. There are some amazing play structures if you search online. The sky is the limit!

A-frame structure with a narrow flat top for standing.  Mine has asphalt shingles held in place with horizontal lathes to reduce slipping.  Mine is actually two four-foot-wide sections of cedar fencing leaning against each other and fastened at the top. The goats love to run up one side and then down the other often chasing each other. Of course standing on top is big stuff.  It serves as a hurry-up rain shelter as well. 

I also have two PVC barrels with one end cut out.  I blocked one at first but the little one loved balancing on it so I took the blocks away so she could have the challenge.  They love to play inside it as well, a little cave.  You would be amazed at how many can fit in one 50-gallon barrel.  I might at some point fasten three together in a mini-pyramid to see if they will climb into the top one.  Stacks of pallets with a 2x6, 2x10, or 2x12 connecting them is good; they love to go racing across the 2x12; they seem to love the bounce of the board as they run across it.  Anything that gets them higher with an opportunity to climb is well loved.

PVC barrels cut at different heights (1/3, 2/3 and total) turned upside down so they can "step" up.  Mine also like to jump up on the PVC patio table.

Cement blocks stair-stepped; I have mine two wide for each level and "pyramided."

Think like a goat - can I climb on it, jump up on it, run up it, stand on it and look down at everyone else

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