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Our little Mira gave us three bucklings last night! All are well and figuring out nursing.

Interestingly, #2 was born over 30 minutes after #1. The apparent reason for the delay was that only his face was presenting--the front legs were back with his body. Once we started thinking about helping out, though, Mira gave some heroic efforts and did it all herself! #3 followed immediately.

As always, I have to express my thanks for the support of this community!

I've shared a picture of my favorite.

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So adorable! Congratulations!

Congrats!  So cute!  I have no idea how my words are showing up this big... :)

Oh...and now it looks completely normal...
Patty Meyer said:

Congrats!  So cute!  I have no idea how my words are showing up this big... :)

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