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Can anyone tell me what specific size dogloo holds 2 nigerians comfortable.  I am looking for one to stick in my shelter to help them stay cozy in winter.  Thanks.


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They will enjoy a sleeping shelf.  You might consider that and put sides on it to hold some bedding on it if you are in a cold climate.  After we put the sleeping shelf in the stall, my girls absolutely loved it.  It doubled their space in that corner because they have the space under it as well.  It is 2.5 feet high (about 2.5 x 6) with an 18-inch large "step" table in front of it which they alternately use or not use.  This year, with all the kids, they loved to run over it and under it; they were hilarious with it.  (Have no suggestions about the dogloo, however.)

I have two Nigerian does. I started with just one dogloo (the very largest size) but my "queen" would not let her sister share with her. I got her sister a slightly smaller version and she got caught in the door a bit and it freaked her out. I've since gotten sister the very largest one as well. It seems enormous in the store but once home in the barn it's not really so big. I'm  a bit crazy and also put electric heating pads in the dogloos under the straw in the winter. They have a sleep shelf but it is the summer bed. Hope this helps!

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